Quinton™* Permcath™ Dual Lumen Catheters

The QUINTON™* PERMCATH™ Dual Lumen Catheter functions as a bridge device during fistula maturation or a long-term vascular access for hemodialysis, apheresis or infusion. It's round lumens provide blood flow rates of 350-400 mL/min as well as maintain low arterial and venous pressures. The catheter is made of a soft, silicone material and is designed with a staggered tip to provide a 2.5cm separation between the arterial lumen and venous tip. The oval shape of the catheter, in combination with its silicone construction, affords it superior kink resistance making it ideal for left-sided or difficult placements. The catheter is provided in a variety of insertion lengths to accommodate different patient anatomies and physician insertion practices.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Oval Catheter with Round Lumens Provides consistent flow rates of 350-400mL/min. exceeding K-DOQI Guideline recommendations for access flow rates.
Soft Silicone Rubber Provides comfort for the patient by reducing the likelihood of skin abrasion at the exit site and it does not interfere with patient mobility. It also reduces the risk of vessel trauma during insertion and use.
Superior Kink Resistance Allows for continued performance in left-sided and difficult placements.
Large, Flexible Silicone Suture Wing Positions sutures away from exit site thus minimizing pulling and tugging while also reducing the likelihood of infection and stress on the exit site. The suture wings also facilitate cleaning and visualization of the exit site.
ULTEM™* Adapters Resist cracking and breakage with repeated use and exposure to cleaning agents.
Silicone Extensions Have memory and resist crimping with repeated clamping and use.
Visible Priming Volumes and Catheter Identification Priming volumes are located on catheter extensions allowing for easy catheter maintenance and accurate record keeping.
2.5cm Separation between Arterial Lumen and Venous Tip Prevents recirculation of blood between ports in the forward flow position during use, optimizing efficient treatment.
Fluffy, Dacron Cuff Provides infection barrier in tunnel tract and anchors catheter subcutaneously to minimize the risk of catheter dislodgement ensuring patient safety.
May be Implanted in the Jugular, Subclavian or Femoral Vein Supports various patient anatomy and physician placement technique.
Multiple Insertion Lengths Available in 13cm (Pediatric), 19cm, 23cm, and 28cm insertion lengths to facilitate use in various insertion sites and patient types.
Catheter Repair Kit Allows for replacement of catheter back-end (including the hub and external shaft of the catheter) and extensions in the unlikely event of damage.
Cleaning Agent Compatibility Catheter can be safely cleansed with aqueous based Povidone Iodine.